How to Limit Allergies in Your Home

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While summer is usually a time filled with trips and enjoyment, it can also be a difficult time for people with allergies. The pollen and plant particles that are in the air seep into your home and can make breathing very difficult. Plus, dust and pet hair has built up from the winter months. However, there are many things that you can do to limit allergens in your home.

Install a Better Air Filter

First of all, you should examine the air filter that you have installed in your home. These filters are supposed to keep your heating and cooling systems clean of dust and debris. If these get dirty, your air systems will end up blowing air full of allergens all over your home. So, if you start sneezing every time the air comes on, consider installing a better air filter. Choosing an air filter with better quality and density can improve the filtering of these allergens.

Replace Your Carpet

Another great way to limit the allergens in your home is to replace your carpet. Carpet is a huge collector of dust, dirt, and even bugs and pests that could irritate your allergies, especially if it is particularly long or shaggy. Old carpet will obviously cause worse reactions, but even new carpet can collect allergens. While cleaning your carpet is helpful, it will not eliminate your allergy problems completely. Replacing your carpet with tile or hardwood floors is a great option to eliminate these problems. There are many types of hardwood floors to choose from to give your house a beautiful new look while you’re at it!

Clean Your Furniture

Finally, regularly cleaning your furniture can also greatly improve your in-home allergies. Many people have the habit of washing their sheets regularly, but don’t often think to clean their upholstered furniture and other items that could collect allergens. Especially if your couches have lots of pillows, throws, and blankets on them, you’ll likely develop quite a collection of dust and germs that could aggravate your allergies. For this reason, it’s important to clean regularly and even to choose easy-to-clean furniture in the future.

If you find that you are fighting sneezes, coughs, and indoor allergies, don’t keep suffering. Remember, keeping your home more tidy and clean will go a long way to help reduce your allergic reactions. Try out each of the options that have been discussed in this article and see how much they help!

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