How to Keep Your Teeth Clean After Every Meal

You know that your teeth feel best when you take care of them after every meal. But, it’s also difficult on the go to be able to have a toothbrush on you at all times. If you want to prevent cavities, though, you know taking care of your teeth is important. How can you keep your teeth clean after every meal?

Drink Water

When you can’t get to your toothbrush, drinking water can help with both your teeth and breath! How? Drinking water instead of sugary drinks can rinse away unhealthy bacteria that cause both tooth decay and gingivitis. The same bacteria causes bad breath, so as a bonus, that helps as well. Since your body needs water to be healthy daily, you get to take care of several body complications with one big cup of water!


Flossing is super important to your teeth health in general. Plaque buildup on your teeth can result in tooth decay without regular cleanings. While flossing doesn’t mean you don’t need to go to the dentist twice a year, it does help immensely in the meantime! Flossing gently can help you to get rid of plaque and bacteria in between the teeth where brushing has difficulty reaching. It can make it so your dental visits are lighter and quicker as well!


While brushing might not be available, there are now mouthwash strips which can help you keep your mouth cleaner and fresher in between brushings. This helps especially if you are, for instance, working in public. It works between the teeth like flossing, and keeps down bacterial growth that causes plaque, but also bad breath. Your teeth (and coworkers) will thank you!

Taking care of your teeth is critical to your overall health. You don’t want any abscesses, or any problems with plaque or cavities. Making sure that your body is protected is important. After all, your teeth are a part of your skeleton- the only part you can see every day! Having your bones taken care of can prevent migraines, toothache, and so many other problems. Your teeth are a part of your overall physical health and can affect your overall health. If you can’t be close to a toothbrush three times a day, taking these tips can help your breath and your smile!  

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