How to Get More Comfortable if You’re a Hot Sleeper

Getting plenty of sleep at night is essential to function in the daytime. However, that’s difficult to do if you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep at night. Being a hot sleeper can make both of these very difficult, so here are a few effective ways to get more comfortable.

Ventilate Your Room

In order to not feel as hot while you’re sleeping, you can keep air circulating in your room. Good ventilation will help to make the air feel cooler and keep it moving, which also helps to lower the temperature. One of the best ways to ventilate your room is by using a fan while you sleep. An oscillating fan is your best option because it will keep the air moving throughout the room, not just in one direction. You should also make sure all air vents in your room are open to keep air from your HVAC system circulating. Lastly, you can try cracking your window at night to allow in some fresh air.

Choose the Right Sheets and Mattress

You can also stay cool while sleeping by choosing the right sheets and mattress. When it comes to sheets, you want to pick a set that is made from natural fibers. Materials such as cotton or linen are ideal, as these materials are more breathable. Next, you need to pick the right mattress to put these sheets on. There are a variety of mattresses to choose from and many have been designed specifically to keep you cool during the night. Generally, mattresses that feature more space within the mattress are cooler. For example, innerspring beds that feature pocketed coils can be cooler. Also, air mattresses have a cooling effect due to the flow of air and floating sensation they create.

Keep Your Room Cool During the Day

Another way to cool down while you sleep is make sure your room stays cool during the day. You can control this by reducing the heat in your room. Switching to energy efficient bulbs that produce less heat is helpful. You can also keep your windows covered during the day with blinds or heavier curtains. Your room can be kept cool if you keep it insulated as well. Sealed windows, well insulated walls and attic spaces, and even a rug on your floor can help. Last, investing in a thermostat system that lets you control the temperature in each room is an effective method.

It can be hard to get the best sleep if you're constantly hot and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to help yourself cool down at night. You deserve to get a full night’s rest, so decide now to do something about it!

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