How to Eat Healthier Without a Restrictive Diet

When trying to be healthy, many people turn to dieting. However, these diets are difficult to maintain, typically don’t last long, and can actually have some negative effects. Instead, it is much more effective for you to change the way you approach food in order to eat healthier.

Embrace Moderation

There’s no reason you should completely cut something out of your diet. Yes, there are certain foods that aren’t as healthy for you, but you can still have these foods in moderation. Instead of cutting sugar from your diet, you can limit sugar to once a week or even a few days a week. Eating in moderation allows you to change your diet for the better without placing unrealistic expectations on yourself. Moderation can also guide the way that you eat. Choosing smaller portions, taking your time, and eating more thoughtfully can help to build better eating habits. The best part is these habits are more sustainable than restrictive diets. Consider making some changes to how you eat and shift your mindset to limiting foods rather than removing them from your diet.

Reduce Fast Food

One of the biggest culprits of unhealthy eating is fast food. This type of food is often high in salt, fat, sugar, preservatives, etc. Eating a lot of fast food can increase inflammation in the body, lead to weight gain, and cause high blood pressure and other heart issues. Again, you don’t need to completely cut fast food out, but your diet should not be dependent on it. Think of fast food as an occasional treat rather than a daily food source. You may also find it helpful to choose other options when eating out. Locally made pizza tends to be healthier than fast food restaurants. The food is made fresh and with more nutritious ingredients. Be more thoughtful as you choose where you want to eat out.

Eat Intuitively

While many people follow strict rules about when, how, and what to eat, the human body is actually well equipped to know what it needs. Your body indicates to you when you’re hungry, what you’re craving, and when you’ve had enough. Intuitive eating is a practice where you listen to your body to know when and what to eat. You don’t have to follow strict mealtimes and portions. You simply eat when your body is hungry and stop when it’s full. Your body knows what it needs and listening to the cues it gives you can help you to provide it with what it needs.

Diets can be a hassle and they are short lived.  If you want to make a real difference in your health, instead adjust the way that you eat. When you make these types of changes, you can maintain them long-term and greatly benefit your body.

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