How Men Can Reduce Their Risk of Cancer

Cancer is a terrible part of life that many people have to suffer through, especially in their old age. While not all types of cancers are 100% preventable, some are actually pretty avoidable. By incorporating elements of preventative care into your daily life and by living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, you will greatly reduce your risks of cancer in the future. This is something to start now, no matter your age.

Get Screened

One of the best ways to nip cancer in the bud as soon as possible is to get regular cancer screenings. Many insurance providers are willing to pay for such preventative care because it reduces your chances of serious, expensive problems in the future. In getting frequent cancer screenings, your doctor will be better able to help you resist potential issues, as well as identify cancerous growths that may have gone unnoticed. For men with an increased risk of prostate cancer, certain medications may be especially helpful. Consult with your doctor today if you believe you are at particular risk.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle choices are probably the biggest predictor of cancer—more than family history or genetics. This includes both eating/exercise habits, as well as work environments. Unfortunately, millions of workers are exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals every year that can cause serious illness. These environmental dangers can lead to common forms of cancer. Furthermore, those who eat a lot of fatty, unhealthy foods and do not maintain a regular exercise regimen are more likely to get cancer. Lastly, doing drugs—especially smoking—can lead to lung, throat, or mouth cancer.

Eat a Healthy Diet

There is a lot of scientific evidence that suggests that chronic illnesses, like cancer, are associated with unhealthy diets. To lower your risk of cancer, be sure that you are incorporating a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats into your diet. Stay away from greasy, fatty, alcoholic, or sugary foods and drinks where possible. You don’t need to go overboard here, but making even small changes in your diet goes a long way in reducing your risk of cancer or other chronic illnesses.

Every day, scientists are learning more and more about treating and preventing various cancers. And although modern technology has come a long way, preventing cancer is always better than treating cancer. So, lower your chances of developing cancer today by improving your lifestyle and taking part in preventative care.

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