How Healthcare Innovations Are Making Things Easier for Patients

Healthcare innovation is becoming increasingly talked about because of the COVID-19 pandemic. New technologies are not only being used to streamline manufacturing and digital work, but also healthcare. All of these ideas are meant to improve the life of the patients—making the job of medical professionals a little bit easier.


Telehealth is a newer innovation that has become a focus for many during COVID-19. Using apps and home devices, patients are able to communicate remotely with doctors, monitor health goals, and effectively schedule medical procedures. Hundreds of apps have been developed in 2020 to accommodate people who may be vulnerable to the virus.

Health apps allow doctors to prepare more effectively for appointments since they can monitor their patient’s health better. While the pandemic likely spurred technological innovation, the growing impact of remote interaction will not end. Patients and doctors have found the use of technology incredibly important to daily planning and convenient to maximize appointments.

Online Bill Payment

Being able to pay online is another fantastic innovation. While the option to pay in-person may be fine for some people, it comes as a hassle to others. More than 80% of patients say they would rather pay online, and healthcare providers are making changes because of that.

This is particularly true if a patient has frequent meetings with their doctor. Adding the payment as a passive withdrawal like a mortgage or insurance is more convenient and gives the patient less to focus on. There are other options, such as PayPal and Venmo, that you may want to test out if you are a smaller organization.

Improved Medical Equipment

Doctors are also investing in more efficient medical equipment. For example, computers are often able to measure heart rate and blood pressure. This allows nurses to focus on patients who are at higher risk, while passively monitoring those who are more stable. Computer software can also use this information to help doctors diagnose patients—helping them make life-saving decisions faster.

Certain technologies help protect patient’s information. Instead of keeping everyone’s information in a paper filing system, doctors enter information into an encrypted program that must be accessed through password. This also keeps records of past medical history, insurance coverage, and much more.

Technological innovations are only going to get more progressive over time. As new devices become available, medical professionals will be able to find new ways of helping people overcome disease and manage their health. Doctors and nurses everywhere will become even better at their job.

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