Factors That Can Put You at a Higher Risk of Injury or Illness

Your health is an essential part of your being and doing your best to stay healthy is an important responsibility. Certain factors can increase the likelihood of any person becoming ill or injured. As you learn about various factors that can impact your health you can do more to stay healthy and feel more secure as you go throughout your life. 

Poor Diet 

The food you eat has a major impact on your overall health and strength. It’s important to eat a nutritionally balanced diet so you can be in the best possible health and avoid increasing your likelihood of injury. Different nutrients are responsible for different elements of your health, so a deficiency in any one nutrient can have a negative impact on your health. Iron can have an impact on energy levels while calcium can impact your bone density. A deficiency in either of those could leave you prone to injury or impact your health. 

A Dangerous Job 

You spend a good portion of your life at work so it makes sense that working a dangerous job could increase your odds of getting injured or becoming sick. If you do have a dangerous job it is important that you do your best to follow all safety protocols. For example, wearing proper PPE can protect you from workplace hazards. It’s also important to pay attention to warning signs and other indicators of an unsafe environment. 

Your Home Life 

The way your life is away from work and the various factors that are involved in living can also impact your overall health. For example, your sleep habits can really make or break your ability to live a healthy life. Your activity level is another factor of your home life that can help or hurt your health. It’s important to incorporate activity into your daily life but you also want to make sure you keep it at a reasonable level, so you don’t overwork yourself. Finding balance in your daily activities can help you to safeguard yourself against injury and illness. 

Navigating life comes with a variety of challenges especially when you are at risk for illness and injury. As you learn about your own potential risk factors you can learn how to decrease them and stay as healthy as possible. Make sure to take time to enjoy and enhance your health as much as you can.

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