Factors That Can Make Injuries at Your Job More Likely

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No one plans to get hurt while doing their job. Sometimes even the best precautions aren’t enough to prevent people from getting injured at work, though. Even more, some jobs are more likely to result in injury than others, which can make injury prevention trickier. But what is it about some jobs that make them more likely to result in injury? Here are a few of the most common factors.

Repetitive Motion

Have you ever gotten hurt when working out because you did the same thing over and over again? Overuse injuries happen in part because of repetitive motions, and they aren’t limited to just working out. If you perform repetitive motions while working, you’re at an increased risk for becoming injured. Taking regular breaks is a must to prevent these types of injuries. Practicing good posture and using proper form when lifting repeatedly can also help.

Working on Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery sure comes in handy for some jobs. Using any type of heavy machinery does come with a certain amount of risk, though. Sometimes machinery or safeguards malfunction. Sometimes people just make mistakes. It doesn’t even have to be you that makes the mistake to get injured. You can still end up hurt because you work on, around, or with heavy machinery. The lockout/tagout process can prevent serious employee injuries from occurring around heavy machinery. So can regularly inspecting the machinery before using it, but be aware that jobs with this kind of work are simply more hazardous.

A Lack of Safety Training or Enforcement

It’s hard to reduce your risk of injury if you don’t know what needs to be done in order to be safe. It’s the responsibility of the employer to put together safety training and ensure that all of their employees have the safety training they need to get their job done in a safe manner. Beyond that, supervisors and managers should also be enforcing proper safety behavior and use of safety equipment. Failing in either area is a sure way to increase the rate of employee injuries.

No job is entirely without risk, but there’s no denying that some jobs put workers at a greater risk of getting injured than others. Those that require employees to engage in repetitive motion, work on or with heavy machinery, or that lack proper safety training or enforcement are more likely to see higher rates of injuries than those that don’t. If that sounds familiar at all, make sure you take extra care to reduce the risk of getting hurt while you’re just doing your job.

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