Building a Strong Back: What to Know

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Those who neglect their back will soon begin to feel it hurting. The best way to avoid issues with your back is to simply strengthen it. However, many are often nervous about working out because of various misconceptions. Therefore, the following list includes information about what you need to know about your back and the workouts needed to strengthen it.

The Structure

Contrary to popular belief, the back is not one single muscle. Thus, when someone experiences back pain, it is often either upper, lower, or side pain with more serious issues involving all the areas. Your back is a combination of many muscles, including the lats or latissimus dorsi, trapezius muscle, and rhomboid muscles, to name a few. Don't worry; you don't have to learn the whole anatomy of the human back to begin strengthening it. One of the best places to start with are your lats. There are multiple workouts to improve your lats, even beyond just pulldowns. Some of these include utilizing bands which can be beneficial to those who might be starting to work out for the first time.

Working It Out

No "as seen on TV" product is ever going to replace a good back workout. Strengthening your back requires the inclusion of either weights or resistance. Fortunately, there are plenty of back workouts for both beginners and the experienced. If you are still on the fence or worried about a potential injury, then it is highly recommended to seek professional help, such as a certified gym trainer. Gym trainers are required to know muscle groups and can help you target your weaker areas.


Although resistance training is a great way to strengthen your back, you should also take the time to stretch it out. Your back supports you all day and will often be fatigued by the end of your workday/workout. A great way to give it relief is to perform a few stretching exercises. These include but are not limited to the cat-camel backstretch, Supine cross-leg spinal twist, and squat stretch, to name a few.

Your back is one of the most important parts of your body. It keeps you walking straight, allows you to perform various tasks throughout your day, and essentially supports the entire body. This is why it is so important to make sure that you are not only taking care of it but keeping it strong.

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