Alternative Exercises to Try When You’re Recovering

Exercising is very beneficial for your physical and mental well-being. Consistent exercise has been proven to instill confidence, empowerment, and create healthy habits for individuals. However, sometimes your body cannot keep up with the physical demands. Your body needs time to rest and recover to become stronger. Alternative exercises you can try when recovering include swimming, yoga, and walking. 


When you get into a pool, the water helps your body essentially be weightless. The water pressure around you helps to improve blood circulation and relax the muscles. Swimming is a great low-impact exercise option. Aquatic therapy is becoming more and more popular because movement in the water isn’t restricted and it avoids joint strain as Strength Training Rehab points out. Adjustable to all ages and levels, swimming can help your injured body parts feel a lot of relief. Improve current injuries and increase your physical fitness by swimming as an alternate exercise. 


There are numerous health benefits that come from practicing yoga. Yoga is the perfect recovery activity from injuries or everyday stressors. Yoga increases your flexibility and teaches you proper breathing techniques and body control. Yoga has adjustable exercises for all skill levels. According to Beyond Yoga Retreat, practicing yoga twice a day for a week can improve your skills even more. Focus on healing your body and your mind with the strengthening stretches that are a fundamental part of yoga. 


Walking is something you do every day; it is the most natural movement of the body. When recovering from a workout or an injury, walking is the perfect way to get your body moving. Walking helps get your blood pumping and cardiovascular system running. You may be more accustomed to running 30 minutes every day or lifting heavy weights, but walking will help you move your muscles without the harsh impact running or lifting can have on your body. You can also work with a physical therapist who can help you develop good and healthy walking habits. 

While some of these exercises may seem simple, they still get your body moving and give you the endorphin release your mind needs. Every individual needs to rest from injury and give their body time to heal, but that doesn’t mean they have to be sedentary. Active recovery indicates an active and controlled involvement in your recovery process. Stay active and give your body time to recover by trying alternative exercises like swimming, yoga, and walking to benefit your health.

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