A Daily Commute Can Undermine Male Health

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Men encounter many challenges while driving that can affect their mental and physical health. Commuting is a daily necessity for most. Job requirements might make it an unavoidable obligation. As such, it is necessary to know how to proactively eliminate some of the stress and mitigate some of the other health problems.

Commuting is Mentally Exhausting

Commuting frequently and driving for long periods of time affects men mentally. Their eyes may be on the road up ahead and its surrounding perimeter, but their mind may be all over the place. Their thoughts may wander away from defensive driving. Hectic schedules and time-sensitive tasks may creep in during lulls in travel. Any distractions may impact the safety of the commuter and his mindset. Additionally, those who have regular long commutes are 33 percent more likely to suffer from depression. Mental health is a huge concern that should not be undermined. 

The Longer the Drive, the Harder the Stress

Driving long distances can lead to increased stress levels. Hypertension can be the cause of strokes and anxiety attacks that may cause fatalities. This is precisely why the DOT mandates that truck drivers get their blood pressure checked. Here are some driving tips to avoid fatigue:

  • Get a full night's sleep.
  • Take breaks every two hours when possible.
  • Carpool if possible so that the driving responsibility is shared.
  • Plan ahead for emergency situations.


Getting sufficient rest before driving is incredibly important. Concentration and alertness are affected by lack of sleep. If exhaustion and loss of focus are evident, you must pull into a rest stop immediately. Electing a co-driver when possible will definitely allow for more rest. Be sure to travel with any medications or medical equipment that may be needed.

Avoid Unfavorable Driving Circumstances

Traffic jams and other travel issues may arise and extend the average commute time. A lengthy commute can take a physical toll on the male body. Cramped muscles and poor circulation are among the negative physical impacts that males may endure. Limited mobility during a long drive has been known to also affect their mental health status and stress levels. Men must pass a health exam to be ruled out as a liability.


Weight issues, cardiac complications, and tension levels all suffer during a long commute. Existing conditions like hypertension and diabetes can be compromised as well. During an unexpectedly long drive, the driver may be unprepared to deal with the lack of food or hydration. Taking into account all of the obstacles that can develop during the daily commute is essential. Opt to stay off the road if an illness is a factor or will be triggered due to the impending circumstances.

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