A Closer Look at 3 Popular Holistic Health Supplements for Men


Health enthusiasts understand the importance of working supplements into your daily routine. Depending on your individual health profile, you can create a routine that meets all of your needs and preferences. In addition to being diligent about taking a daily multivitamin, there are myriad supplements available to help men lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. Here are three popular holistic supplements for men to consider.


As the primary sex hormone in males, testosterone plays a crucial role in the body. Some men report feeling younger and experiencing more energy from taking a testosterone supplement. One of its main uses is to boost sexual drive and function. The supplement plays a critical role in men who experience lower testosterone levels as they age. This hormone may also improve cognitive function, resulting in sharper thoughts and better memory. The optimal level of testosterone varies widely among individuals, making it important that you find the right amount for your personal needs. A simple blood test can help you to determine your testosterone level so that you can adjust your supplement to deliver the best mix of benefits.


CBD is one of the most popular holistic health supplements in large part due to its wide array of uses. CBD has been shown to have a number of benefits, including being an effective deterrent for anxiety and depression. On the physical front, CBD has been shown to help with relief of pain and inflammation. Some people report that taking a CBD supplement improves their sleep. CBD can be taken orally or used as a topical agent. The best delivery method is based on what you are using the CBD to help you with.


Creatine is a good choice for those men looking to boost their strength while increasing lean muscle mass. Taking creatine supplements may also be beneficial in helping the muscles to recover faster during and after an exercise session. This increased muscle performance is effective at improving speed and endurance. Creatine is particularly useful when you desire extra energy during short bouts of high-intensity activity, including running and weight lifting.

Taken on their own or together as part of a comprehensive holistic health routine, these three supplements can prove to be an invaluable addition to your lifestyle plan. With a little experimentation, you will soon find the best supplements and dosages for your needs.

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