8 Tips to Help Get You Motivated to Exercise Regularly

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For people who aren't used to exercising, finding the motivation to exercise regularly can be a real challenge. There are many reasons for this, including fears over body image and the sheer shock of exercising if you haven't ever really done so. Indeed, in many cases, these challenges can stop you from exercising and getting the body that you want - and deserve. As such, here are eight tips that can help you get motivated into exercising.

Set a Fitness Goal

"Getting in shape" is a great vision - but it's not a goal. Setting a fitness goal is important because a goal is specific, concrete and something you can work towards. It means that every time you move in the right direction, you can positively motivate yourself with specifics about how you are working towards losing weight and getting in better shape. Positive motivation towards a specific goal - and positive results - can help you maintain your motivation and get you where you want to be.

Join a Gym

Joining a gym can be great for many reasons. First and foremost, gyms usually have first-rate equipment that you can use. More often than not, they also have some sort of orientation and professional assistance that can help you craft a great workout program that meets your needs. They can also help give you specific, concrete advice for how you can meet your fitness goals and what equipment you can use that would get you there. Furthermore, depending on the type of person you are, you may find that seeing other people successfully working out gives you the motivation you need to stay on track with your personal fitness goals.

Find a Workout Buddy

All of us are more likely to meet a goal if we find someone who can help to actually hold us accountable. This is because our own motivations and desires are sometimes just not enough to keep us going. Find a workout buddy who won't hesitate to tell you what they are thinking and who will make sure that you stay on track. Remember, the goal of this buddy isn't necessarily to be nice to you, but to get you off the couch and doing exercise. At the same time, remember, you owe it to them to give them the exact same respect and treatment. Furthermore, you may find that you motivate yourself while motivating another person.

Get a Dog

What better way to get outside and moving than having an adorable, four-legged friend encouraging you to do so? Indeed, having a dog can be a great excuse to get exercise, and there are many studies that show that having a dog can be a boon to physical exercise and keeping in great shape. That being said, all dogs aren't created equal for these purposes, and some breeds are better than others when it comes to wanting to play and get outside. If you’re looking for a dog that enjoys being outside, golden retrievers love to play and be active. Just make sure you get a strong leash, as they can pull you pretty good if you aren't prepared!

Download an App

There are dozens of fitness apps that can remind you to workout, give you suggestions on the best workout and allow you to track your progress and success. These apps have numerous positive benefits. Many are free, but paid apps often come with additional information and access to expert advice. Many of these apps will automatically hook in with your phone's GPS or wearable tech that keeps track of various body metrics, providing you with enhanced technological assistance that can give you information that you want and need for your workout.

Buy Home Equipment

If you find that you don't want to go to the gym, or that you are too embarrassed to exercise in public - something that is very common - you shouldn't let that get in the way. Thankfully, there are many alternatives to gyms if you don't want to go. For example, you can purchase exercise equipment for your house. If you do this, it becomes much more difficult to ignore your fitness - after all, your equipment will literally be there, sitting in your living room or your basement, waiting for you to use it. Just make sure you purchase equipment that you can understand and is easy to operate.


Visualization has been found to be a particularly helpful way of getting someone motivated to reach a goal - particularly if they are struggling to get their minds and their bodies to the point of actually exercising. Try closing your eyes and breathing deeply. Imagine your mind is blank. Then, slowly, imagine your body looking the way you want it to. See yourself walking, running and exercising. Imagine yourself confident and happy. Imagine yourself achieving physical success. Get detailed and granular with the thoughts. What does it feel like? Look like? Smell like. The more details, the better. Allow this visualization to carry through you and allow those thoughts to help push you to your peak physical condition.

Ease Yourself Into It

Remember, you don't have to jump right into a massive workout that is three hours long and be immediately ready to run a marathon. Indeed, that's actually a great way to burnout and lose interest. If motivation is a problem, try easing yourself in. Start by going for a fifteen-minute walk. The next week, make it twenty minutes. Then go for a small run. Take small steps that are easier for you to swallow and use your successes to build towards the next ones.

Getting the motivation to get yourself into shape can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. It requires quite a bit of time and patience. However, it's not impossible. The internet is replete with stories of people who thought that exercise and getting in shape was impossible, only to have their lives changed when they figured out how to get into shape. It is unquestionably difficult, but something that can be done. Use the tips above and find what works for you.

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