3 Amazing Unexpected Benefits of Exercise

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It's important to get regular exercise to stay fit, healthy and happy. However, the benefits of getting regular exercise are more than just looking good and feeling great. There are many surprising benefits of exercise you'd never expect. We've put together a list of three attractive benefits of working out that you should consider before skipping the gym.

Makes You Smarter

Have you ever noticed feeling more alert during and after exercise? If so, it wasn't just your imagination. Workouts release brain chemicals, such as dopamine and serotonin, which make you happy and able to concentrate better. Exercise also can stimulate new brain cell growth when it's performed properly and safely. A great time for a workout is early in the morning to jumpstart your metabolism, concentration, and creativity for the day. Take your free time to go for a walk before work or hit the gym in the morning to get motivated.

Improves Dental Health

Regular exercise stimulates muscle growth and improves your circulation all over your physique. With proper circulation, working out can also help clear your biological system of toxins to improve your health inside and out. This is evident in the healthy glow of your skin after a session at the gym. Another surprising benefit of exercising is the health of your teeth and gums. Dentists recommend exercise if you have some gum diseases. Working out regularly fights the inflammation that causes mouth problems. It also reduces anxiety and stress, which can cause ailments in the body.

Helps Fight Addiction

If you're recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, exercise makes the perfect substitute. The rush of working out comes from the release of happy brain chemicals that produce a euphoric feeling that is healthier and more natural than a synthetic high. Working out is also a great distraction for recovering addicts. Exercise can also replace the need for taking sleep medication every night. Workouts increase your relaxation and can reset your body clock for a good night's sleep. Professionals suggest exercising five to six hours before rest so that your body has a chance to cool down and signal sleep. 

We all know eating properly and exercising regularly is the key to a healthy life. In addition, there are some other useful benefits of going to the gym or working out at home. Whether you're into weightlifting, jogging or climbing the rock wall, you too can savor the advantages of keeping in shape.

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