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Cuba and Socialism (part 1)

it’s a beautiful country.

the old school cars, the distinctly self reliant sort of style of living and the tourist dedicated bars with government hired, 3 member mariachi-type bands who make you feel like a character in a Bond film. everyone’s a cigar in hand and its cash only. american credit isn’t allowed, because there’s OFAC regulations and an embargo on currency exchange. 

but hey, that’s not to worry, because the beer’s cheap, the food is great, and the country is a little storybook on why socialism might just be a rather selfish way of living.

of course, this isn’t to blame cubans or to denigrate their way of living. they’re some of the sweetest people i’ve met. they’re victims of an unfortunate circumstance, a victim of a revolución that somehow is still the main focus of the government’s communication with its people.

viva la revolución! accompanies likenesses of che guevara, fidel castro, and the beginning constructions of raúl castro’s figure. it’s beautiful, it’s heartbreaking, and it’s oh so obviously propaganda when looked at through the eyes of a citizen of a world a bit more free than this one. 

come back for more. i’ll talk about the two different currencies, the ability to travel the country, the government controlled 3 generation ownership of homes, and the illusion of job choice.

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