What You Can Do If You’re Not Getting the Essential Nutrients Your Body Needs

In addition to eating well, it's important to track your own wellness, your physical condition, and your energy level. Different people obviously have different energy outputs and physical requirements. In addition, your ability to absorb nutrients may be different than that of others.

Adjust Your Diet

A simple way to increase the nutrition density of your food is to increase your fiber intake. Foods with high levels of fiber can help your digestive tract more efficiently shed toxins from your diet. In addition, diets high in fiber tend to include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are naturally high in nutrients. According to Eat This, Not That, foods such as fresh berries and beans deliver some of the highest levels of fiber found in foods and can reduce your risk of certain cancers. Strive to consume a rainbow of foods, including navy and black beans. Brightly colored peppers, robust raspberries, and lush green broccoli can all increase the nutrition levels of your diet.

Take Nutraceuticals

MBi Nutraceuticals explains that nutraceuticals are whole foods, usually found in capsule form, but also come in protein powders, fortified foods, antioxidants, and probiotics. Rather than vitamin tablets, nutraceuticals contain a highly concentrated dose of nutrients tied to a specific food or group of foods. When purchasing your nutraceuticals, it's critical that you choose products from sources with excellent quality control. Additives in your nutraceuticals will reduce the positive impact of the product. If you're already taking a medication to help you control a particular condition, carefully review the risk of an adverse reaction with your intended nutraceutical dose.

Watch Your Pairings

Food pairings can impact the percentage of food nutrients you can actually absorb. Daily Health Post recommends avoiding drinking alcohol with your meal, as it will limit your absorption of nutrients, whereas adding a bit of fat to your veggies can actually boost absorption. In addition, taking the time to chew your food thoroughly can increase the ability of your body to digest it. Saliva is the first step in efficient digestion, so putting down your fork and chewing your food thoroughly will not only help you to track your level of fullness more effectively but also give your digestive tract a head start in putting all of the nutrients you ingest to good use.

Our lives are overloaded with access to empty calories. From an after-work drink to that box of donuts in the breakroom, many of us struggle to use our caloric intake to the best effect. Nutraceutical use can boost your intake of healthy nutrients and help you to keep your energy level high while you walk away from sources of empty calories.

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