Stressed Enough to Pull Your Hair Out? Here Are Some Ways To Handle It

Due to a busy schedule and many different responsibilities that must be managed, most people suffer from high levels of stress on a frequent basis. In some cases, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed at home or in the workplace, which can begin to affect your overall health and well-being. If you're stressed enough to pull your hair out, there are a few different ways to handle it.

Create an Emergency Fund

One of the most common causes of stress is due to financial issues that occur, whether you've accumulated debt or are living paycheck to paycheck. If you want to ease the financial burden that you experience, you can create an emergency fund that can be used if unexpected costs or expenses arise at the last minute. The fund will allow you to afford medical expenses or can provide you with the money needed for vehicle repairs to avoid getting into debt. If you're on a tight budget or need emergency cash, you can avoid the stress involved with covering the expenses by saving enough money in advance. If that is not enough, look at the option of getting a small loan for your emergency.

Assess Your Mental Health

Stress can compound in ways we don't notice and sometimes it takes us taking a step back to realize what's causing our underlying problems. Not only that, but many times we end up becoming more stressed because we're becoming dependent on certain things in our lives. Check to see if you're becoming overly dependent on certain things in your life like caffeine, alcohol, relationships, food, or other things. Many of these things can help relieve stress, but if they are done in excess it quickly can add to your stress. You could also start going to a therapist or group therapy to talk about what's stressing you and to help figure out healthy ways of dealing with your stress.


Meditating is a proven method to reduce stress and feel calmer throughout the day. Make it a point to meditate 10 to 15 minutes each day to clear your mind and control your breathing. Meditating can allow you to feel more mentally prepared for unexpected events or circumstances that occur during the day.

Get Outside

Going outside more during the week is essential to clear your head and unplug from technology. Spending time in nature on a hike or a bike ride can make it easy to feel refreshed and recharged. You can feel like yourself again by taking in the spectacular views, whether you're watching the sunset or are viewing panoramic views of the city.

Take a Vacation

If you want to manage your stress, you'll need to schedule a vacation at least once each year to escape your normal schedule and commitments. You can travel to a new destination that is laid back and enjoy a slow schedule that allows you to recharge. All-inclusive resorts are ideal for those who want to slow down because you won't have to worry about paying more for food or activities. You can even plan a budget-friendly family vacation by researching online deals and promotions. You can even find discounts to theme parks like Disney World, Disneyland, and Universal Studios.

Stress may be normal but can become too overwhelming if you don't take the necessary steps to slow down and recharge. By participating in activities or vacations you enjoy, you'll regain your strength and can feel ready to take on the world.

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