How to Remove Toxins and Allergens From Your Home

Keeping your home clean doesn't have to take all of your time, but it's crucial that you work at it every week. Over time, poorly maintained areas in your home can grow toxins that may make you sick. To keep things fresh, clean, and healthy, be diligent about keeping dust and mold at bay.

Filter Your Air

You can add high-quality filtration, including HEPA, or high-efficiency particulate air filtration, to many areas of your home. Change your furnace filter at regularly scheduled intervals. Purchase a vacuum with a HEPA filter, and vacuum frequently. If you're not inclined to vacuum regularly, consider investing in a robotic vacuum. Remember that HEPA filters do a great job of picking up pollen and other particles. However, they can also be a spot for mold to grow. If you've got HEPA filters at work, monitor them, and replace or clean them as directed.

Keep It Clean

To keep dust down, use cloths that collect dust rather than just pushing it around. Bag these cloths, and discard them when you're done cleaning. Vacuum on a regular basis. Use a squeegee in the shower to sweep the water off the walls and to avoid leaving too many bottles along the edge of the tub, as black mold can grow if water is trapped behind them. Look for the signs of black mold growth regularly in your bathroom to prevent health issues. Scrub your shower with baking soda to clean away soap scum. After rinsing, spray the walls down with plain white vinegar weekly, and let it air dry to prevent black mold growth.

Keep Textures to a Minimum

Suede furniture, carpet, and textured curtains will collect and hold dust no matter how thoroughly you clean. Consider investing in smooth leather or vinyl furniture. Take down textured drapes, and replace them with blinds that you can dust on a weekly basis. If you have to have carpets, invest in a vacuum with a HEPA filter, and use it multiple times a week. Make sure to wash your bedding weekly, and consider purchasing dust covers for your pillows and mattresses.

A dirty house is more than just an embarrassment. It can actually make you sick. Moisture, dust, and dirt can turn into dangerously unhealthy conditions if left too long. Monitor your shower for mold. Keep your home vacuumed. Make sure your bedding is washed regularly. Look for ways to cut down on dust-catching textures in your space to keep the air clean.

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