How to Keep a Healthy Sleep Schedule

It’s impossible to function at your peak ability if you have trouble sleeping. Weight gain, diabetes and even serious accidents have been attributed to a lack of sleep. If these and other facts concern you, then it’s probably time to establish a proper sleep schedule. Here are some pointers.

Be Consistent

You need to set up a consistent sleep schedule. Go to bed at the same time, and wake up at the same time. Eventually, your sleep will get regulated. Until it does, there are a few factors that could hinder you. First, you may need to wake up when it’s still dark out or go to sleep when it’s still light out. Also, the change of season will change the light in the winter and summer, making it more difficult for you to fall asleep. To a certain extent, the body’s clock takes its cues from the amount of light outside. Automating your blinds has many benefits, especially if you struggle to get out of bed in the morning. If you automate your blinds, then they’ll let the light in, allowing your body to wake up gradually on winter mornings as the sun comes up. The reverse is true in the summer. Automated blinds will close out the remaining light, making it easier to fall asleep.

Create a Bedtime Routine

The human body and brain thrive on ritual when it comes to falling asleep. However, it has to be the right ritual. Your bedtime routine should include activities that calm down your brain and slow your heart rate. Try to avoid too much screen time. The blue light can keep you awake. Put on some soft music, drink some chamomile tea and read a book. Dim the lights and make sure you’re warm and comfortable. Turn the lights out and go to sleep at the same time each night.

Be Mindful of Stimulants

Life in the modern world goes at a frenetic pace, forcing many people to turn to stimulants, like coffee, cigarettes or soda to stay awake. Then, because they feel too stimulated to sleep, they take a sedative to fall asleep. This creates a vicious cycle. If you must drink coffee, limit your intake. Stop drinking it at about 2 p.m. This gives your body enough time to process it before bedtime.

Many people work too hard. In the end, instead of being productive, they get sick, have accidents or worse. Getting enough sleep cures all these problems. However, some believe that they must push themselves past the breaking point and go without sleep to accomplish their goals. This approach doesn’t work. It’s best to create a sleep routine and stick to it.

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