5 All-Natural Hair Care Solutions For Men

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Like your vehicle and your home, your hair needs regular maintenance to look its best. If there are botanical alternatives to chemical medicine, then of course there are all-natural hair care solutions as well. They provide nourishment, moisture, and soothing properties from ingredients that you can recognize.

Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Understanding how to use coconut oil as a hair care product and the benefits of doing so can lead to some incredible results. You’ll be wanting to use unrefined coconut oil, as well as cold-pressed, as these oils retain more nutritive qualities. After using a coconut oil hair mask regularly, you'll find that your hair grows faster, is stronger, shinier, and more manageable.

To make a coconut oil hair mask, pour half a cup of raw, organic honey and half a cup of unrefined coconut oil into a saucepan. Heat it on low heat until it's melted, stirring frequently. Once melted and thoroughly blended, remove the mixture from the heat and allow to cool. Apply the mixture to dry hair, being sure to massage it into the scalp and the hair shaft. Allow the honey/coconut oil mask to sit on the hair for thirty minutes before washing it out with a mild shampoo. Gently pat dry to avoid breaking the hair shaft.

Honey is a humectant, which means it draws moisture from the air into the hair. Coconut oil contains fatty acids which nourish and moisturize the hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

About once a week, your hair could benefit from an apple cider vinegar rinse. Apple cider vinegar is an all-natural product that gets the hair extra clean, increases strength, and boosts shine.

To benefit from an apple cider vinegar rinse, dilute apple cider vinegar using a 1:1 ratio. Pour the blend directly onto the head and rub the vinegar in from root to tip using your fingertips. You'll find that it has an unpleasant smell, but this will be remedied after washing. After letting the rinse sit for a minute or two, rinse it out with cool water and then remove and condition as usual. Again, pat dry to avoid frizz and breakage.

Cornstarch Based Powders for Dry Shampoo

When you're in between washes and your hair is extra oily, skip the harsh chemicals and opt for an all-natural "dry shampoo" instead. While not a dry shampoo, cornstarch-based powders will help to absorb excess moisture, removing any greasy appearance. Cornstarch is a far better alternative than talc, as talc-based powders have been shown to have many adverse health effects.

You can create your cornstarch-based dry shampoo by mixing one cup of cornstarch with five drops of your favorite essential oil (sandalwood, oakmoss, black pepper, and cypress have scents that are similar to some cologne fragrances). Shake to blend and then pour into an empty powder shaker. Two or three shakes should be sufficient to soak up excess moisture on the scalp. Comb through. If your hair is extra dark, you can prevent the white powder from showing up by gently massaging it into the scalp and hair shaft.

Avoid Overwashing

Overwashing your hair can strip the hair shaft of vital natural oils that maintain shine and prevent breakage. Washing your hair once every three days is acceptable. You can still rinse your hair— don't apply any shampoos or conditioners during those "off days." You'll find that your hair is healthier and more manageable the less that you wash it.

Use All-Natural Brushes

Inexpensive brushes are typically made with plastic bristles that can be damaging to the hair and can even irritate the scalp. It's better to opt for an all-natural bristle brush, such as one made from boar bristles. Boar bristle brushes stimulate the hair follicle, increasing oil production. The soft, close-together bristles then efficiently distribute the oils down the hair shaft. While boar brushes are more expensive than plastic brushes, they've also been shown to last longer, so the investment is worth it.

When dealing with men's hair care, there are plenty of natural solutions that will lead to a stronger, healthier head of hair. Coconut oil hair masks, vinegar rinses, cornstarch dry shampoos, intermittent washing, and all-natural hair tools will have your hair looking and feeling its best.

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