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Used for receding hair line

"Minoxidil didn't work on my receding hair line and the other options had weird side effects, I tried this after my friend stopped his receding hair line and i've been super impressed."

Akam D

Going for more

"I've had significant hair loss for close to 20 years & tried a number of products with unexciting results. I've been using Retain for almost 3 months now. And well, I'm ordering more."

D. Whitney

Smells good, works for me!

"Comes in a nice dropper bottle and shipped in a neat tube. Liquid inside smells really good! I haven't been using it every day, but I am noticing more hair than there used to be!"

Daryl D

Very effective product.

"My hair was thinning. Tried this after trying others without luck. It's a game changer with noticeable results. I got comments from people that my hair was fuller than before."

J Kaemae